Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ice Weasels 2012 A.K.A. Mud Weasels

And so it ends, the 2012 cyclocross season...

Some might think it would be difficult to encapsulate an entire cyclocross race season in one blog post, but, when you only do one race, it's fairly simple.

Yep, for 2012, it was "one and done" for me. Schedule issues, and an addiction to my BMX bike have kept me off the 'cross scene. But if I had to do one race, it would have to be Ice Weasels. Yes, I did race 'cross in April at the Sea Otter, but I don't consider that part of the real 2012 season, and it was in California, and hot as hell, so that doesn't count.

As most know, the weather was warm-ish but wet for Ice Weasels, making it the PERFECT 'cross race.

Crowds were smaller than I had seen in previous years, but it was still great to see many familiar faces that I hadn't seen for a year or so. I even remembered some of the names associated with those faces (but I am notoriously bad at that... sorry).

Results are not posted as of the time I am writing this (which is ironic Mr. Resultsboy...), but, who cares? Do you care what place I came in? I don't. I was out there to have fun, and I did. And, truth be told, I spent more cummulative time going to and from this race than I actually did racing AND "training" (I did do one training ride... sort of...).

I'll admit, I missed racing. I'm glad I got out there, and I'm looking forward to hitting a few more for 2013... Until then, I'll be spinning around on my little bike as long as weather allows...

Maker's Mark hand-ups! I missed that one, but I did get beer from a pink flamingo...

Yep, it was that kind of day.