Saturday, October 27, 2018

Fruita and Moab!

So this post is a bit late, cuz I was lazy in getting around to making the video in iMovie.  Jason, myself, and Eric Cregan (not a RacerX guy, but cool nonetheless) went out to Fruita for a week, with a day in Moab.  It is a really cool part of the world and I highly recommend getting out there.  

We got a VRBO in downtown Grand Junction which was a great base to get to all the trails easily.  It was a neat little 3 bedroom house which fit us perfectly.  To be honest, there isn't a whole lot going on in Grand Junction/Fruita outside of mountain biking, but we had a killer time none the less.

There are 3 distinct riding areas in Fruita/Grand Junction:  18 Mile Road, Lunch Loops, and Kokopelli.  18 Mile is these incredible fast flows downhills that you have to climb this one trail (Prime Cut) to get to.  They can all be really fast, and while not that technical, are a ton of fun.  From a riding perspective, this was one of my favorite places.  The other areas beat it out on views and variety though.  Lunch Loops is about 5 minute from downtown Grand Junction and are REALLY technical.  We got into some trails that were clearly over our head, not to mention that we did them in the wrong direction.  We did however do this great downhill trail, the Gunny Loop which was miles of awesome decent with jumps, drops and all that good stuff.  Kokopelli is the last area, which has a  few really fun areas, including Horsethief bench and Steve's Loop.  Both of which are basically on the edge of cliffs that drop into the Colorado River.  If you want to see some crazy bike handling skills, look up Horsethief Drop on YouTube.  You won't be disappointed.  

We took one day to go to Moab and I think we were all glad we did.  Did 30mi that day and it was probably the best day of the trip.  We were only able to scratch the surface of what that town has to offer.  If/when I go back to that area, it would be to Moab.  Town seems to have more going on and it looks like there are more trails than you could ride in a month.

We also got to hit up Arches National Park and the Colorado National Monument.  Both are drive through parks with unreal views and natural features.  Definitely worth the time.

Check the video, hope you all enjoy it!!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

CircumBurke 2018--East Burke, Vermont

circumburke 2018 east burke, vermont, kingdom trails
I’m not afraid of making bad decisions and biting off more than I can chew, but when I registered for the CircumBurke Challenge, I actually had a plan.

That plan hadn’t included a crash and a really, really, really uncomfortable groin injury that kept me off the bike for a few weeks followed by a brutal work schedule that also kept me off the bike for a few weeks. So, when Glen and I headed up to Vermont, I was mentally exhausted from work, and hadn’t done a serious mountain bike ride for about two months. But hey, the race is only 26 miles so…