Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good Times

Great get together last night!

First, I want to thank Matt from Pedro's for coming out and discussing the proper care and feeding of our bikes and for ensuring that everyone went home with something, from lube to brushes to degreaser. Thanks Matt!

Next, I want to thank Rob for getting the Pactimo fit-kit and the clothing samples. Look for Rob's e-mail for details of an upcoming order.

And of course, thanks to everyone for coming out and getting me pumped up for another year of beer drinking and trash talking. Oh, and of course, training and racing.

Oh, and a special thanks to Pete for bringing my priceless statue back... Jean is *so* excited.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snow? Hardly! Fun 'Randonee' exploration ride

In an upbeat mood, I suited up and went for a mixed-bag sort of ride. Trails, roads, and indeed - some minor bushwhacking. The weather reports made a whole lot of noise over nothing, as it was 40 degrees outside and barely, I mean barely - precipitating.

Goal was to get 2.5 hours of miscellaneous efforts - tempo, hills, mud, grass, easy cruising on the road portions that connected the fun parts, all on the 'cross bike. Jamie had plotted some fun routes these last few weeks - also with plenty of bushwhacking (and poison ivy), and on my own today I connected up some northern sections to add to his pretty well established connectors.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 Team Caucus

It's time for a gathering... a conclave, an assembly, a buzz session, a confab, a conference, a huddle, parley, a powwow, a shin dig...

Mark your calendar for Saturday, Feb 11th, 7pm.

The event will take place at my super-secret lair and will involve beverages and snacks (of which, you may bring a selection).

Discussion topics will include bikes, biking, races, racing, training (but probably not trains), tires, being tired, and most importantly, lubrication. We may have a special guest who is a lubrication specialist, but more on that later.

Please RSVP to let me know an approximate head count.

NEW INFORMATION! In addition to having a lubricationologist on hand to discuss the proper way to maintain your bike, we'll have clothing samples from Pactimo, for consideration of additional orders (including women's specific clothing), jerseys, shorts, skinsuits, jackets, vests, etc, and we'll have samples from Walz caps to try on, as custom Racer-X hats are the freebee you get this year for joining the team...