Saturday, February 29, 2020

Arizona Adventures

I’ve never been one to shy away from biting off more than I can chew, so when Glen tossed out the idea of a one day epic 100-mile ride along the very remote Arizona Trail, I was in. I even started to train for it, but then, well, life got hectic, and “training” turned into drinking lots of coffee hoping that it would be a suitable replacement for proper sleep, diet, and exercise. 

It wasn’t.

Friday, February 28, 2020

How the West was Won

Phoenix to Tucson:
How the West was Won

Still reminiscing of my recent trip to Southwest Utah I told myself it was time to take a break from the desert. Where did I end up? The .......desert. Winter was in full effect and the Peloton bike at my apartment gym just wasn't enough. It was time to head back to Arizona, Southern Arizona that is. Many a Saguaro and Taco awaited my good friend Matt Beattie and I. The logistics were fairly simple: Jet Blue to Sky Harbor, Minivan, Trail forks, and throwing caution to the wind. The evening/overnight temps resembled New England, but the Sun was to make regular appearances in the forecast.

After breakfast and obligatory Starbucks we began our journey at the Pass Mountain Trailhead. Our goal was to sample the Usery Mountain and Hawes trail networks. It looked like a full day and a full day it was. Off we go.......