Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baystate Cyclocross: Day Two

What a day. My head was clogged with snot, I had a horrible night's sleep, but, because I love 'cross, and I love racing, I made the drive out to Sterling for day 2 of the Baystate Cyclocross race weekend (I worked on Saturday).

You can re-live the race along with me with the following video, but before you watch, I need to say a few things. First, the aforementioned snot was working against me, and, well, you'll hear an excessive amount of throat clearing. I sound like a pig grunting. I suggest you turn the volume down. Next, as I'll discuss in a little more depth below, I was racing in a pair of slip-on sneakers and borrowed platform pedals. My mental checklist gave me an epic fail, and I drove all the way to the race without my cycling shoes. And finally, as you will see, it was a bit damp during the race, and by the end of it, the camera lens was wet and fogged up. Not the best pictures, but, you, the viewer, get what you pay for.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

(re)Finding my soul..

A combination of burnout and injury derailed my 'cross season, to be sure - but this fall I've had some really fun mtbike rides. This past weekend I went out in search of the Bay Circuit Trail to see how far I could get - and how far it went. I switched plans at the last second, as the Southern Branch of the Northern half - that passes through Appleton Farms - has a no-bikes policy. Boo.

I caught a ride to a trail point in Hamilton and headed out. This first stretch of trail was mainly mellow two-track with little technical challenge - but loaded with scenic areas. I gradually worked my way up behind Pingree School and into Bradley Palmer State Park. With so many trails in the park, way-finding the BCT was a little tricky here and there - especially a large open field section - but with a little back-tracking I always regained the route. As I crossed the Ipswich River, I 'knew' where I was going now - as I've ridden Willowdale a ton.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Northeast Velo Cross

Not the shadow you want to see in your
helmet cam footage...
Wow. What a race... I'm not sure what came over me, but knowing that there was a BMX track incorporated into the cyclocross course, made me pretty happy.

I took the holeshot, and was actually leading the race for a bit (well, it was a short bit). To be honest, I didn't know what to do when I was up front... do I try to keep my lead, knowing that I was dangerously close to blowing up? Do I slow up a bit to pace myself? Do I alert the media?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Where is Glen (who cares)?

2011 My still-born race season:

Building off a great 2010 'cross season and a decent summer of riding this year, I planned to conquer the Masters field(s) this season, all over New England. Hell, once dialed I figured on trying to take my A Game to a MABRA race or two and show THEM how I roll. Oh yeah - look the f_ck out! No sooner did I set that ship to sea - ready to conquer and take no prisoners - she started taking on water. Fast.

Race 1: Sucker Brook 'Cross - Auburn, NH; Last year, I was already on good form for this fun race - hell, I was on such good form I raced both the M35+ race and the CAT3 race as well. My plan was to roll up to the 2011 edition and save it all for one race - the M35+ event, and get to know my peers I'd be facing this season. Arrive at the venue with Jamie, time it perfect so as to be able to pre-ride between earlier races and all. We hit a warm up lap and BAM. While crossing a small, non-technical wooden bridge structure with a trace of moisture on it - I washed out and SLAMMED my knee, thigh and shoulder.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cycle Smart International: 11/5/11

It was freaking cold. That's all I can say. The video will tell the rest... note all of the riders ahead of me. Damn them. I suggest turning the volume down... my panting and wheezing may disturb people with weak stomachs. Cat 4, 38th out of 130.