Tuesday, July 28, 2020

RacerX Bike Maintenance Tutorial Edition 1: Bike Painting!!

So since not too many of us have been doing any rad rides, other than shredding Willowdale of course, the RacerX site has been hurting for content.  I thought I'd do a post showing how I repainted the rear triangle of one of my mountain bikes.  It was a fun project that only required hex wrenches, sand paper, masking tape and a bike specific spray paint called SprayBike.  It came out really well, and I'm tempted to do my cyclocross bike as the paint on that has seen better days.

The backstory:  My Trek Fuel EX was my first mountain bike, which I got about 4 years ago, and since it was my first MTB, it has been crashed a bunch and the paint of the rear triangle has definitely seen better days.  For some reason, my old MTB/CX shoes allowed a ton of float and my heels could rub on the seat and chain stays and over time a ton of paint had come off, to the point it was down to bare metal in some spots.