Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Bear Brook MTB Race Report

Quick report on a fast, (mostly) well run, and successful race: 

So I signed up for the category 3 race which was only 6+ miles.  I was a little hesitant to drive all the way up to NH for a 6 mile race, but I wasn’t disappointed.  The race was in Bear Brook State Park, which is just south of Concord, NH, it’s actually a very easy drive off of 93.  I only got to ride the race trails but it seems like a great place to ride otherwise.  The trails are fast and flow-y, without much tech, at least on the trails we were on.  It seems like there is a lot of riding to be done there, it’s probably worth a trip.  My girlfriend Julia came with me, but unfortunately, based on how the course was set up, there wasn’t much spectating to be had.

On to the race:  As I said above, I signed up for the Cat 3 race.  It was a USAC sanctioned race, so I felt like I was obliged to do the cat 3 race, as that is what I am, but 6 miles is a bit short, and when I did Weeping Willow last year, I did the Cat 2 race (or the equivalent thereof).  All that said, it seemed like they were letting people do whatever race they wanted which was kinda annoying, as I think I probably have Cat 2 ability.  

We got staged in the standard MTB fashion, with the 19-29 first, 30-39 next, and then the 40-49 (my group).  Then the 50+’s, lastly the ladies and juniors.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

WATA Gravel Grinder, Waterbury, VT

waterbury area trail alliance gravel grinder vermont 2018
And then at about mile 9, I knocked my wife to the ground...

That was just one of the highlights along the WATA gravel ride in and around Waterbury, Vermont.

Ever since we did the Muddy Onion a couple of years ago, Jean and I have been fans of gravel rides. Great routes, great vibes, and great views have pulled us back for more and more rides, and this was our first year at the Waterbury Area Trail Alliance Gravel Grinder.

We opted for the shorter "traditional" loop which included about 27 miles and 2800ft of climbing and it was filled with--as promised-gravely goodness.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

ECTA Spring For The Trails Half Marathon

"You're kind of a big guy for a trail runner..."

That comment came at me at about mile 4 while I was chatting with another runner, and I didn't know what to say. I just kept on running, smashing trees and scaring the wildlife like a woodland Godzilla.

Truth be told, that comment came from a really nice woman whom I chatted with for a couple of miles, but I thought it was pretty funny.

This was the second trail marathon of the season and the weather was markedly better than the one in April. While the race in Falmouth skirted freezing temperatures, early May in Ipswich brought bright sun, clear skies and temps in the high 60's. Toward the end of the run, I was so warm that I ran shirtless for a bit. With that said, I should apologize to all that were blinded by pale white skin that shone like a beacon. Squirrels had to avert their eyes, and I covered up before hitting the finish line.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

B2 Adventure Ride

The B2 Adventure Ride took place Sunday, April 29th and here's what went down.


  • Teams of 3, picked by the store staff, no whining.
  • Each team gets the same cue sheet, 3 gps coordinates, and grainy photos of said location.
  • Teams leave at 3 minute intervals, all are tracked by Glympse, teams have to stay together.
  • There are random discarded bike parts hung at each location, each team takes one and goes on to the next.
  • Timing is performed by the shop staff using computers, smartphones and possibly an abacus.