Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hampshire 100

I'm not sure why I thought this 100K MTB race would be a good idea. I don't remember that last time I have put that kind of miles in on the mountain bike (I don't think I've even gone that far on the road bike this year). I guess last year at the Wild Cat Epic 100, and the Vermont 30, but that was a year ago...

And I *think,* if I recall, last year I had done that thing where you ride your bike lots and lots in order to prepare for an event... I think it's called "training." Yeah, training. I didn't really do much of that this year. Oh well, what's the worst that can happen, right?

Friday, August 19, 2011

ECV TTT: Three To Tango - four to start...

Throwing together a last minute Team Time Trial squad was easy. Finishing intact - not so easy. Jamie and I teamed up with two seasoned time trial friends on the Velo de Mer team - Shawn Gavin and Scott Carrier. These guys make going fast look, well - easy. Jamie and Scott are the very epitome of tall, skinny, ass-kicking cyclists. Shawn is too - just not as tall, but holy christ his engine is the strongest of anyone's I get to ride with. If, that is - you call sucking wheel "riding with"...

With no time to warm up, strategize, or otherwise sort things out - we were off, heading north on Route 1A out of the Hamilton / Wenham high school, in lovely Essex County, MA. Shawn on the front, Scott next, myself, and Jamie anchoring the rear. I felt as though I looked like the odd man out - somehow similar to that of a rat in a boa constrictors body - you know, the big fat lump in the middle of a sleek reptilian body, partially digested but still large. And lumpy..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

That Old Spark

So you may all know that I broke up with bike racing in the spring. Instead I've had a summer affair with drinking and other forms of debauchery...and damn has it been fun! The past couple summers have been spent training for what felt like a million races leading up to the 100 milers. I knew I needed a serious break from all forms of bike racing and I think it has been good for me.

But...I got my first issue of Cyclocross Magazine today (thank you David). While perusing the articles and bike porn, I noticed that I was getting a little excited. (I've heard porn can do that to you.) Maybe I even noticed that old familiar racing spark. Can it grow and turn into the fire needed for competing again? We'll see...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Asbury Grove Duathlon

There are many things I look for in a race; fun-factor, entry-fee, proximity to home, and of course, my availability (damn work). So, when a fun race, with a $5 entry fee, happens about 3 miles from my house, AND it's before work, I'm there.

I don't consider the fact that about 5 miles of running is involved, and I haven't run in months... that level of detail is irrelevant.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

3 tips from last night's Gran Prix of Beverly

In preparation for the crazy-fast race last night, I worked hard to be as not-ready as is possible. I hadn't ridden much these last 5-6 days, I was up late the night before working on the car (new exhaust manifold & hardware) and had all the requisite kinks and aches from the home-mechanic under/over car gymnastics - and so on. Not making excuses, but interesting to point out that some weeks rock, and some roll....