Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marblehead Road Race

2011 Michael Schott Memorial Circuit Race - colder than any 'cross race last year...

At the front... for now. photo by Jamie Ryan-White

Oh hell it was cold out. Jumping out of the car to run the 20 meters to the registration table made me cold. I hadn't warmed up from loading the bike and gear into the car anyhow - but still. 9:00am and 26 degrees. Are you kidding? Throw in a side-ways wind, right off the ocean - and bam! It was cold. That's all I'll mention of it, and relay my billy-bad-azz "Harden the f#@& up" approach, right-quick.
The short version / back story about me and road racing is this: I got really into mountain biking. and racing out west - like from beginner to expert in two seasons, and to train for expert, I needed some road miles. A lot of them. Hard, fast, long. Then what happened? I grew to really like road riding too! Nothing sharpens the top end like fierce training rides on the road - and racing is even more decidedly evil / brutal / awesome. So there you have it. I do enough road races to know how to be careful and handle myself - but as a 40+ year old guy, I'll not ever try and contest a bunch sprint finish. Hanging with the main group is an achievement for me, and was the goal for this weekend. A guy can dream, right?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March (training) madness

The power / truth hurts! (click for full data)

I've got no clue about basketball - but know that with temperatures climbing into the 40's and above, it's damned nice to be back outside on the bikes again. This last week I had 3 solid rides; 50 miles last Saturday, 38.5 miles on Wednesday Evening, and then today just shy of 60 miles - and well into New Hampshire to boot. Mix in a few morning road bike / rollers sessions in the basement, and it feels like 2011 is off to a good start.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Need (2) able bodies (t)TTT test subjects!

This Saturday, March 5th - Jamie and I are signed up for an indoor Trainer Team Time Trial. We need two more suckers, er - teammates to come set there bike up in a Compu-Trainer and pedal like crazed fools until they say STOP. The team that covers the terrain fastest WINS! $500 1st place prize to boot... as well as free beer and all later on. Jamie and I need to set-up, race, then boogie pretty quick, alas.

It's described as an 8 mile course where they will vary resistance to simulate climbing / flats. Should be fast as hell -I'm hoping under 30 minutes of cross-eyed early season leg opening fun. Our proud Racer-X contingent has a 10am start time - so I plan on getting there around 9am to get set-up and warmed up. It's in Millbury, MA - so you metro Boston RX'ers are right nearby.

Who's in? It's paid for already - so just show up and get ready to throw down.