Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Goose and the Hoodoo......A tale of two epic rides

He sits there...... reading his paper and watching the flow of traffic passing by. Despite the temperature being in the low thirties, he is still out there.  I hit the turn signal and take a right onto the Fellsway as I nod in his direction silently giving thanks for teaching me one of life's greatest lessons. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Fun bike stuff over the last 5 months

Fun bike stuff over the last 5 months

France:  So my girlfriend Julia had some work stuff in Nice, France back in September.  Rumor has it that the Tour de France and Paris-Nice roll through there, and allegedly, there are great beaches there, so I thought maybe I should tag along.  We ate awesome food and hung out on some really fantastic beaches but about that bike stuff…

I had rented a bike from this company (because I figured they would have bikes) for two days when Julia was doing most of her work stuff.  I had two great rides planned with huge climbs right outside of Nice.  Unfortunately, my first ride day also happened to be the only crappy weather day we had and I got rained out.  So on the second (first?) day of riding, I chose to do the ride with the famous climbs, the Col d’Eze (rhymes with ‘fez’) and the Col de la Madone.  The Col d’Eze is very frequently used in Paris-Nice and will be in the Tour de France this coming year.  The climb starts in a random Nice neighborhood and ascends to the village of Eze.