Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weeping Willow!

I need some time to gather my thoughts about the Weeping Willow race, but in summary--what a great event! It was so much fun to blast around on that course and to hang out with so many good friends. So while I'm primarily focused on replenishing my barley and hops stores, I'd like to send out some HUGE "thank you"s…

  • Thanks Mike, for getting to the venue while many were still asleep, to secure our prime location.
  • Thanks Rick, for shuttling Jamie's bikes around.
  • Thanks Doug, but manning the grill and being there for support.
  • Thanks Todd, for being the team's official grand father.
  • Thanks Renee for bringing some hardware home for the team.
  • Thanks Pete, for not putting up with un-sportsman like behavior.
  • Thanks Jean, for dealing with my neuroses AND brining home some hardware.
  • Thanks Jamie, for having the oldest saddle on the East Coast.
  • Thanks Rob, for that time with the spider monkey.
  • Thanks Glen, for showing me that I'm a little bitch on my SS and that I need to kick it up a notch (or more), and for letting me practice my first aid skills.
  • Thanks Ron, for keeping the Crank colors alive.
  • Thanks Steve, for bringing the grill and proving that at least one man on the team can also rock some podium time.
  • Thanks Leslie, for your help with the banner, AND your award winning efforts.
  • Thanks Tim, for making the trek out from Worcester… apparently, I owe you some French Toast.
  • Thanks Dana, for taking the team photo and for brining a new recruit.
  • Thanks Dave for stopping by (sorry I didn't get to talk with you more).

I had a great time on the course, but having so many good people around truly made the event fun! Tom... where were you???


  1. And thanks Dave for getting everyone together in the first place.

  2. Ditto Jamie - and great seeing everyone together! I was a little loopy after the effort, and minor crash - which kept me from being the full on rockin' party freak I usually am after the races.

    Great work to all the ladies rocking their respective classes - and to Steve too. Hell, anyone who finished that intact gets my kudos ~ whatever those are. Dave - are we registered as a team in EFTA's team competition? Our shear numbers ought to get us a leg up if not our mens groups racers...

    I'm registered for Pinnacle in a few weeks - not sure about this race that mentions CX bikes in a weeek and a half - as house schedule is nuts lately. Victor - my 3.5 year old bloominh racer is chomping at the bit to try a kids race on his pedal bike - and the Pinnacle EFTA event is a great one, so we're plotting a family rip out of it. Hope some others can join in too!