Monday, January 3, 2011

On One Mary

So I headed out for the maiden voyage on my Surly Pugsley this past weekend. For anyone who doesn't know, it is a bike with huge fat tires ridden at very low pressure. The tires are perfectly designed to ride through snow, sand, mud and pretty much anything else you can think of. For various reasons, the bike has been collecting dust in the garage for 2 winters, but I'm no less enthusiastic about it now that I've given it a proper test ride in the snow. SOOO MUCH FUN!!!
My point for this quick post is to comment on the On One Mary Bar.
It is this ridiculous looking sweeping riser handlebar that makes the bike look like a cruiser. On first glance, I planned to remove it out of sheer embarrassment. But since time did not allow me to get to the task, I rode it as is. You know what? I loved the damn bars!! The snow, I'm sure, makes a difference. I could see that the handling in snowless technical terrain might feel different, but I think I'll even set my pride aside and give them a shot when the snow melts too.

So here's to lookin' cheesy on a bike!


  1. Those bars are killer, just don't add aero extensions...

  2. I have those on my C-dale, love them. Origin 8 makes a similar model in a 31.8. I don't want to go back to straight bars.

  3. Mary bars are the best! Did you like them even after the snow was gone?

  4. @ Spud...just like I was too lazy to take them off the Pugsley, I was also too lazy to swap them to my mountain bike. Perhaps one day I won't be so lazy. Sigh. I still love the bars though!! Just rode the Pugs again the other day and couldn't stop saying how much I loved the bars.