Saturday, March 19, 2011

March (training) madness

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I've got no clue about basketball - but know that with temperatures climbing into the 40's and above, it's damned nice to be back outside on the bikes again. This last week I had 3 solid rides; 50 miles last Saturday, 38.5 miles on Wednesday Evening, and then today just shy of 60 miles - and well into New Hampshire to boot. Mix in a few morning road bike / rollers sessions in the basement, and it feels like 2011 is off to a good start.

I've been using this smartphone App called RunKeeper Pro - where I can log, track, store, and comment about workouts. If anyone is at all interested in seeing how my feeble season is progressing - or more interestingly - where I've been on he map - check it out here. The sustained wattage I'm putting out is seasonably low - but endurance is slowly coming up. It seems that the cyclocross specific training and racing kept the high-revving aspect in good shape, but demolished any solid endurance. Thus these long Saturday rides...

Next weekend is the crazy season opener out in Marblehead - the Michael Schott Memorial Race - 20 laps around Marblehead Neck. Come on and heckle / cheer if the weather behaves! There's a beautiful park and lighthouse on the tip, along with the requisite Marblehead mansions.

That's it for now - chime in with what all everyone has been up to - as our blog here has been much too quiet.


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  1. I went out and did five laps at Marblehead the other night. It was headwind or cross/headwind the entire way except twenty meters at the hairpin. 15 more laps? No thanks! Plus a week of wintery mix ahead to get that descent nice a slick? You are The Man. I'll be out there cheering!