Sunday, May 1, 2022

Farm 2 Fork Ride or Run

On April 30, 2022 I participated in the Farm 2 Fork Ride or Run Charity Event in Hattiesburg, MS.  It was put on by Forest General Hospital and Extra Table, an organization that purchases healthy, shelf stable food for partnering food banks and soup kitchens in Mississippi.  The 1100-ish participants could choose to ride (62, 48, or 34 miles) or run (5k, 10k, or 1/2 marathon).  The course was a mix of local scenic country roads and the Longleaf Trace Rails to Trails. 

Months ago, I had originally signed up for the 62 mile ride, but considering I’m still recovering from surgery 6 weeks ago, I rode the 34 mile course. I took my time and rode very easy, with low HR and watts of course. I stopped at all the food stops and sampled all the local delicious foods supplied by local restaurants around the area.  The weather was beautiful and the people were great. It’s was a great way to start back riding outside again. 

The course was fairly hilly and while starting to slowly pass a group of people, I called out “turtle” because there was a box turtle closed up in his shell on the road and I wanted to warn the riders not to hit it. But one of the group said “Did he just call me a turtle because I’m slow!?!?!”  So I had to explain there was an actual turtle in the way.  Then we all rode along laughing about that. Good times. By the way, the turtle was fine. 

They will have this event next year, so if you want more info, check it out on Facebook.  Great event for a great cause.

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