Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 Racer-X Kits

David finally bugged me enough to get this going, and I've taken a very crude crack at making shorts / bibs to match the jersey design.

I'll not mess with our current design - but would welcome the discussion in years to come as the team grows. I threw the C-Six logo on their to see how it looked - we'll talk with the "Other Dave" about what relationship we may build together - or not. If he's smart, he'd not mix business (cool bikes / parts) with pleasure (the wicked awesome Racer-X gang)!

The shorts / bibs / skinsuit leg-band is cool, I think - as is throwing some white in the mix. No white anywhere *ahem* inappropriate, as Pactimo (the kits supplier we're looking at) even notes that the white may be a bit more transparent than other colors!

Let me know what all you think, and who's in - as we ought to order asap - especially if Pete is getting ready to go deposit some low-altitude lung tissue high up above Breckenridge, CO soon.

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