Friday, June 24, 2011

Mid-Season Slumber; Time to SNAP out of it!

I don't know what happened these last few weeks, er - now months, since Battenkill - but good grief I've gotten out of shape! Missed rides, low motivation, and general New England crappy weather blahs have conspired to make me feel like a semi-catatonic fool.

What to do? Plan to do some races - and try and get back in shape for 'cross season. I'm going to go bananas here and plan on a trail run too, in October - as my wife threw the gauntlet down, and I accepted the challenge.

Tell me where to go, and what we can do as a team; I've targeted the Hampshire 100 EFTA race, on August 21st, and the Ravenswood Trail Race on Saturday Oct. 16th - but would like to hit some shorter and closer races to tune up the engine at. Or perhaps organize a few Racer-X epic rides... or even another road race, though the Wells Avenue training races are always "fun", if racing in circles, in Newton, sometimes with traffic - is "fun".

That's all - back to our regularly scheduled programs!

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