Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ice Weasels 2011

It takes a retarded amount of time to transfer, convert and upload these files!

Anyway, another chapter of the Ice Weasels is in the history books. As usual, this is a super fun event, from the course, to the spectators to the whole vibe. I love it. I wish I could have slayed some weasels today, but alas, at some point over the past week or so I have apparently forgotten how to ride a bike.

Crossed wheels and almost went down at the start, slid out (and ran away from the bike) on one of the turns, nearly face-planted on the fly-over (@40:30 in the video)... WTF? I thought I could handle the bike... Oh well... I can't ride to perfection every time...

I did accomplish my primary goal of having a good time. Perhaps I'll give some this "training" I hear people talking about so much a try. Next year, I'm heading up to the 3's, and I don't think I'll survive on my looks alone.

Enjoy the video, and as always, please excuse my wheezing and panting (it really could be a porno soundtrack)... and check back here in a few days... I took a hundred or so photos, but right now my choices are:

a.) beer, fireplace, wife
b.) edit and post race photos

So, um... yeah. Cheers!

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