Sunday, August 15, 2010

The X Is More Than Just Two Acute and Two Obtuse Angles Thrown Together! This Weekend It Had An Oval!

Hanging around the super secret Racer X club functions can be disconcerting for a former roadie like myself. All these new terms and phrases make me feel like an outsider. So I've been taking notes to maximize my enjoyment of the Racer X experience. You know, to get in on the group rides and such!
Gearing: All I hear is "single speed this and single speed that" so I sit around all weekend thinking of a single gear to ride (52x14) and still nobody shows up to ride with me.
Wheels: Lately the rage has been "29er this and 29er that." "Gotta ride the 29er!" Done, and still nobody.
Disc Brakes: I went one better: All disc, no brakes. Still nobody!

gettin' the game face on

Despite the lack of enthusiasm generated by my use of the 29er single speed disc/no-brake bike X was represented at the New England Masters Track Regionals this weekend. I hadn't been on the track all year so I figured I would give it a go-around with the Rob "Low Key Race Debut Program".

The track was different than last last time I was there and I struggled mightily in the Kilo just to stay in control around the corners. In fact the entire track is setup kind of odd. Not bad odd just 'need to get used to it odd'. I closed down on the rider opposite me but time was the issue. With rusty starting and cornering technique thrown in I had to settle for a top five finish. I wasn't going to win on my best day; I'm not exactly what would be considered a speed merchant on the track.

what to do differently in the 3k?

The 3k pursuit was better suited to my skills and I had a decent ride all things considered. I was twenty seconds off my best time but caught the rider I was pursuing so I was pretty happy with the effort. Jeff from Cycle Loft threw down an awesome ride so congrats to him and his teammate who also was pretty freakin' quickity.

ummmm . . . go faster?

The fans were righteous with the cheering and the post-race hugs!

heads up Pete, this is the good part; they don't know what win and lose mean!

Pursuit racers are always, ALWAYS, left wondering where they left time out there and I have a pretty good idea.

The X shall return!

(with teammates, because seriously how can you look at these pictures and not want to be at the track! OK, maybe not with me necessarily, but still . . .)

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  1. Ah Jamie...awesome write up, but my favorite part by far was your cheering section. ;-)