Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quad Cross is Quad Busting! no wait, that's lame. How About Quad Cross: Insane in the Chicane.

I didn't see much of Glen after the warmups

Random rumblings and pictures (not pictured, my Racer X jersey and disc brakes):
Never have I turned my bike that many times in a 'cross race. Never will I again. That was twisty turny insanity at it's best.

The Quad Cross was a great season opener for myself because it had everything I'm not attracted to in a cross race: endless chicane, numerous tight corners, no straight-up power sections and way too little pavement. It did have things I love in all cross races! Great officiating, GREAT family atmosphere, great set-up, great competition, and the underutilized separate start and finish lines.

I knew I was in trouble in the warmups as Glen put about three seconds into me on every corner we went into wheel to wheel.
I knew Glen was in trouble because I was still with him eight minutes into the race. If G-Roll had gotten a better start he would haver been in contention. Dude is a motor.

Even though the course played to everyone of my weaknesses I had a great time on that course. The laps actually seemed to get faster as the race went on.
The race was $20. A bargain for the work they put in.

are these regulation height?

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  1. Third time here - blogspot FAIL. Fun times buddy - time to get some black Racer X CX skin suits! When ghat back heals up, you'll be J-Rock the Damaga, im sure.