Wednesday, December 8, 2010

3 Days later... (ride update)

...and I still don't feel 'right'! Cleaned and tuned the mighty 'cross machine and suited up for a sunny - but cold - ride a while ago. It felt great to get out and spin the legs out, at last - but good grief, I'm still sore and underpowered!

Bike is running smooth and snappy - if only I could too. Hope the Racer-(c)X gang has fun out at The Ice Weasels race this weekend - I'm finally taking a 'pass' and sitting this one out in preparation for the following weekends' First Annual New England Regional Championship race - hosted by one of the N.E. 'Cross dynasties - The Goguens. Should be fun, and is just in time to close up 'racing shop' here at the home of Glen's Operations Camp.

Hope everyone else is taking advantage of the unseasonably dry weather and out riding whatever 2-wheeled contraption they prefer! It's been an awesome year, that much I know.

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  1. Hey man, my shop closed up after intervals with Dave last week. Haven't seen a bike since. I may go singlespeeding at Regionals just to try and sit on Dave's wheel and go all Tourettes on him for 40 minutes. I figure with MTB season coming I may not see him again on race day (minus getting lapped) until the TTs start.