Saturday, July 9, 2011

Details vs Facts

Glenn, at the finish and looking strong.
I think it's difficult for any consumer of media, be it online, print or television, to get balanced, unbiased information. Especially in our seemingly increasing polarized political climate, all news and information is going to have a slant.

As a trained journalist, who in fact, does not maintain a journal, let me share some facts about the most recent ECV time trial. Details may or may not also be included.

  • Fact: I finished BEFORE one of the strongest riders on our team, Glen Gollrad.
  • Fact: For a short time, I was even ahead of Cannondale/Red Bull's Tim Johnson.
  • Fact: I beat my own best time on the course by about 30 seconds.
If you only wanted the facts, there they are. Stop reading and get back to watching cat videos on YouTube. If, however, you want some details, I'll share those with you as well.

As with all time trials that I can think of (except mountain bike races which are essentially off road time trials), all riders were started individually, with 30-seconds between each person. Thus, while I did finish before G-Roll, he started a few minutes behind me. Truth be told, he almost caught me, and his time was 3-4 minutes faster than mine. And, because I started 30 seconds before Tim Johnson, I was also ahead of him on the course for a short--and I mean very short--time. He started behind me and passed me like I was on the side of the road doing a gumby.

From there, the other fact about beating my time from two weeks ago, that's pretty straightforward. I came in at 30:53 then, and rolled in at something like 30:23 or 30:26 this time. My results are firmly in the "meh" category, but that's the type of cyclist I strive to be, a-"meh"-zing.

Two-N Glenn was also on hand to join in the "fun." So Racer-X had 2 Glen(n)s and 3 "n's'" on the course, which could be some type of record on its own. Glenn and Glen can share their own stories, but the both looked good coming across the line, and they both enjoyed some post-race hops and barley at mi casa.

Who's in for the next one?


  1. You and Glenn kicked but out there Dave - aside from being a rather hot evening, it was great fun. It's funny, this "race of truth" format, where it's you, the clock, and your bike. I didn't think I'd like it as much as in fact do - even more so as we have some team mates out there too! Next time, perhaps one or two more as well...

  2. More training and TT bars, maybe I'll break my personal best from my pre-kid years!