Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Skinsuits for Racer X!? Oh My God, Wicked Cool! You Don't Have One? That's Why Everyone Calls You A Dork Behind Your Back. That and Your Hair.

Whew, got out there for the first TT since. . . . last year when I did one with Glen and Dave. I forgot how much fun they are to do solo. Plus an out of the bag wicked cool skinsuit put icing the cake. Missed Dave but he had texted me early on in the day he wasn't going to make it. He had sold his inner fortitude on Craigslist and was waiting for someone to pick it up. Hold firm on your asking price of "My Dignity" and don't let him talk you down!

The weather was windy and swirly so it was tough on those of us lacking fitness. I registered early so Glen could have someone to chase and sure enough he overhauled me coming off 133. I had decided not to go over 159 beats per minute and Glen had decided to kick my ass so it all worked out.

Thats me with Glen up the road. I held on for awhile but dude was motoring hills.

I had better luck on the downhills where could put the 56x12 to good use.

Glen straight brought it and it showed on his face.

I on the other hand trailed in just before sunset.

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  1. You're funny, that is for sure. You looked nearly two dimensional and sickly fast out there. One of these days you'll roll up to the line having done at least something of a warm-up, a bit of freshness - mixed with a pinch of fitness - and kick everyone's butt.

    Fun times out there - even if Dave sold his inner fortitude on craigslist - or left it out in the mud and bugs on the trail(s) earlier in the day.