Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another Sterling Performance

So another race is in the bag. In the history books. In the toy box. In the cheese filled balloon. Or whatever. It was cold, it was early, and it was fun. I felt better than I did last week, but still lacking some oomph. I've ordered some oomph online, but with the holidays, I won't probably won't have it until later this year. Then there's some potential compatibility issues and I'm not sure if I'm going to have to upgrade the whole system. With my performance circling the drain, I've decided to focus on something that I have a bit more control over, and I'm just going to focus on looking good. And damn, I nailed that.

Our race, the Masters Men Category 4, 35+, took off at 8:45am, and needless to say, it was nippy at the start. And in the middle of the race. And at the end. It was c-c-c-old.

The race started with a "parade lap" around the running track. I hate parades. After the parade loop, we took a hard hairpin left turn up a few stairs, then the racing began.

Personally, I enjoyed the course. It had fast sections, tight sections, and even a quick spin in the woods. Some super slippery run-ups and good up hill and down hill rounded out the loop. I know where my strengths are, and where my weaknesses are. I can handle my bike around tight, off-camber, frosty and dew covered turns, but I can't seem to hold my spot on the power sections. I did my best to pass my fellow racers while they were slip, sliding away, but I'd get passed when the course opened up. Damn. Gotta spend some time in the pain cave working on that sustained power...

I even got past by some delinquent singlespeeder. Stupid hippie, ever heard of a razor?

Anyway, after four laps of fun and frolic, it was over.

29th out of 51. I got to race with Rob and Mike. I got to get yelled at by Jamie, Glen and Renee. I got to have a hot chocolate. I looked good. All in all, a good day.
Mike is the creamy middle to an X sandwich.
 The ice weasels, they awaken from their slumber, and they demand blood...


  1. D-Watts,
    That was by far your most impressive ride of the 'cross year. Very impressed! And now that it's out in the open, yes, you have nailed the lookin' good thing. Plus it's kind of cute that in pictures with Rob it looks like you found the piece of beard he's missing.

  2. Fun times buddy! I was amazed how fast you made such a vertical-biased ride position look! Sort of like Trebon, except with flat bars and disk brakes...

    I'm sorting through a number of thoughts trying to cob together a report. No way it'll be as snazzy as yours, but a guy needs goals, right?