Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend Filler: T6 Socks On The Run in Dave's Haunted Forest

As I sat around waiting for the Wicked Ride blog update I glanced over and saw one T6 sock on the floor with some dog hair on it. This was odd because during a break from constantly hitting my refresh button at Racer-X in anticipation of the Wicked Ride update I had just pulled a T6 sock from the dryer. Did they not get washed together?! Can I not trust my eighteen month old kid to properly sort laundry? What happened on the Wicked Ride? Was I misunderstanding it? Was it a Wicket Ride? A Widget Ride? Pure fantasy maybe? Why no update?! WTH?!?!?!?!?!

Into Dave's Haunted Forest!

I had gone running earlier (last week) in my T6s and now I only had one clean one. Time to put them to the test. How would they hold up over the course of two, three, four, five(?!?) runs without being washed? My control group would be the clean sock which I would wash every post-run but the other sock would remain unwashed. How long would the sole stay soft and comfy? How long would the upper stay elastic?

Which is the washed one?

I chose the T6 Greaser Acrylic. Why no wool? Because if I wanted wooly legs I'd just stop shaving (*cough* Rob *cough* Dave). For a testing ground I chose Dave's Haunted Forest mainly because I could use the same course over several different conditions. For those of you who haven't been to Dave's Haunted Forest it is pretty rad; Lot's of trail with rocks, roots and wet leaves in the morning, dry and dusty toward the top, dark and scary in the evening. The underbrush contains a bunch of brambles and downed trees to test the snagability of the socks as well as their ability to stay in place. The trail also has several creek crossings to test wicking and drainage. All in all, aside from the haunted aspect, a perfect proving ground for any pair of socks worth their salt.

So many twigs in one picture.

Were the T6 socks worth their salt? Most assuredly. Even the unwashed sock never lost it's springy feel or it's grip on my slender yet manly legs. The sole never got slick or crinkly. The comfort level between the washed and unwashed was minimal to say the least. I'm often compared to a mix between a ninja and a jungle cat due to my agility so I actually had to dunk my feet in this creek on purpose to see how fast the socks dried out. They dried out quickly (unlike my alcoholic uncle Jonas) and didn't droop (unlike my grandmother Eunice).

When the autumn rain threatened, the T6 socks just threatened to kick more ass.

In the end, the only question needing an answer in product testing is: Would you buy T6 Socks and/or recommend them to a friend? I would.

Nessie or a goose Dave? Haunted Forest indeed!


  1. I think is was a wicket ride - as the tea-and-crumpet crowd appears to only ride at tea-time croquette speed...

  2. I shuffle forward until my lower back figures out what's going on and attempts to kill me by locking up and pitching me forward into a tree. Is that running? It's debatable. My days of sub-15 5Ks are over let's put it that way.