Monday, November 29, 2010

Fourth Time's A Charm? Not Quite.

For some reason I was under the assumption that with more racing, you are supposed to get better. This, rather unfortunately, has not really been the case for me and cyclocross...yet. I still remain hopeful.
On Sunday morning the weather was cold but dry, the bike was tuned, the Racer-X cheering/heckling crew was ready and waiting, but I had apparently forgotten one very important mojo. From the minute I knew I would be starting at the very back of the pack of 55 girls, I lost the "Eye of the Tiger". I really tried to tune my brain to the station that was playing my suggested theme song, but ALAS, all I could find was a Golden Oldies station...and so the race went.

All was not lost though, I still put in a decent effort on a tricky course with a tough field of competitors and came in 18th out of 55. I too had hot chocolate, got to spend time with friends, and I had several laughs while I was being heckled. I know, I know, I'm not supposed to smile, laugh, talk or do anything but pour every ounce of my soul into the pain cave during the race, but I couldn't help myself. Next time, I'll hopefully ditch all pathetic excuses and go so deep into that cave that I'll be numb from the effort and promptly throw up all of that repressed misery at the end of the race. Can't wait!

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  1. You looked great out there Renee - strong and smooth. What's that 'cross saying? slow is smooth, smooth is FAST? Hmm. Something like that! And indeed, I did see yet ANOTHER smile out there - I'd say it's still a good sign, compared to my snot-beard pain faces...

    Good times - hope our races in Fitchburg aren't too far apart!